How Peter went from closing 20 deals a week without buying a course, knocking on more doors, or even begging for referrals (Automation is king)

Peter is a Powur solar rep in California. He has been in the solar industry for 2.5 years. He started making tremendous success in the last 6 months (Closing 20 deals a week is a dream for most solar reps).

If you want to survive in the solar industry, you have to put in the extra work, knock more doors, follow up with leads, make those dials, and work like hell because if you don’t, then someone else is going to do it and take what could have been yours (The client, the deals, the commission & more)

It took Peter 6 months to go from 2 deals a month to 20 deals a week with our lead generation and appointment setting service.

"Quick description of our service: We generate exclusive leads in your market, we qualify them and have them schedule an appointment with you "

The screenshot below is the number of appointments we got for Peter in a single week.


When Peter started working with us back in September 2021, he was closing 3 deals on average every month from our leads and appointments. From Jan-Feb, he started closing 7 deals a week on average, and in March (Current month), he's closing 20 deals a week.

You already know that the competition in the solar industry is increasing.
The cost of transportation (Going for appt.) is skyrocketing.
Homeowners are not willing to go solar.
It's getting harder to close more deals.
And blah, blah, blah.

But seriously, solar reps are being squeezed from all sides.

I refuse to sit back and watch all these problems unfold, so I decided to create a solution to enable solar reps to get more deals.

Helping solar reps get more deals has made me so much money that I can now pay my bills, take care of my family, and create jobs for unemployed youths. I respect what I do, and I do it with absolute honesty.

My service could 2X, 5X, or even 10X your sales this year.
Or even turn your annual commission into your monthly commission without spending more money on ads….
Or even being burnt by another shitty lead generation agency….
Or drop another $5k on ads without making a single sale.

I know this is a big claim and I don’t expect you to give me a call right away after reading all these.

If I can get you 3-5 deals a week and gradually take you to having 15-20 deals a week, would you be interested in knowing how?

Do you want to see how we can help you get 10-20 deals/week just like Peter? Click the link below to schedule a free consultation and you'll see how simple and effective our system is. Click HERE to schedule.

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