3 Methods To Increase Your Solar Sales

1. Sell Solar On Value, Not On Price

it seems like a new solar installer enters the market every 24 hours. Competition is fierce in the solar industry. It might be tempting to compete on price, but competitions tend to escalate. Before too long, you’ll have raced your competitors to the bottom. Solar prices are already falling; there’s no need to hasten their descent.

Instead of trying to battle your competitors on price, concentrate on building value into your services. Let customers know that while your company may not be the cheapest, all of your installers are trained and certified. Show them how you’ll take care of them after the installation by monitoring their solar arrays and making yourself available to answer questions.

Think of it this way: most consumers don’t necessarily want the cheapest option. What they want is a great value. Give them that, and they’ll choose you over the competition nearly every time.

2. Ask Questions, Then Ask for the Close

Why do so many solar salespeople fail at closing the deal? They spend too much time talking, and not enough time listening.
Every customer has his or her own set of reasons for (and objections to) going solar. Figure out what your client hopes to achieve by going solar, and show them how solar meets their needs. Overcome any objections as they come up by providing honest, simple answers that prove the value of going solar. If you do these things, then closing the deal will be as easy as asking.
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3. Create A Sense Of Urgency To Get A Yes

For some consumers, going solar already has a sense of urgency. After all, what could be more urgent than the looming threat of climate change? But even the staunchest green consumers can be encouraged with a little extra incentive to take immediate action.
For example, you might authorize your sales team to offer a small, limited-time discount. During the fall and winter months, the sense of urgency might come from the fact that solar installation lead times are generally shorter. Who doesn’t like going to the front of the line?

Tax incentives expire and net metering policies change. You know that there’s never been a better time to go solar. If you think about it, you can surely find a way to subtly build urgency into your pitch, regardless of timing.


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