8 Things Solar Experts Should Know

1. Not every market is the same. Finance options, their benefits, and solar problems are specific and different in each market.

2. A single battery does not power an entire home and should be studied very well before selling them.

3. Know and appreciate all solar products, companies, and financing. Not only will this help you beat your competition, you will sell more. Read and understand the warranties of each product.

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4. Low redlines are bad. Increase your redlines and ask for better terms and healthier contracts. You will make far more this way.

5. READ THE CONTRACTS YOU ARE HAVING HOMEOWNERS SIGN. Read your competitors while you’re at it.

6. Diversify your installers if they are national or brand new. Putting all your eggs in one basket will eventually hurt you.

7. Knowing electrical and adders helps your commission and speed of install significantly.

8. No matter how much money a customer makes, they still may NOT qualify for the tax credit. Telling reps it’s okay NOT to have an understanding of the tax credit because the homeowner should talk to their CPA is an unacceptable blanket statement. You can know and explain how it works without giving advice.


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