More Solar Deals - 3 Simple Ways To Close 3-5 extra Deals Every Week

3 simple strategies you can use to get more deals

1. Have multiple sources of lead generation

Having multiple sources of lead generation will keep your pipeline full and you will not have to worry about where your next sales is coming from.
Recommended sources of lead generation:

> D2D

> Cold Calling

> Running Ads

The most effective among the 3 is running ads. Running ads will help you get enough leads In a short period of time without doing any heavy work.

Quick Example:

John and Peter are solar sales reps.

John knocks on doors every day to generate leads. Let's assume John can only knock on 100 doors a day because there's only so much he can do in a day. 100 doors knocked, 50 are not homeowners, 30 are not interested, 10 are interested, but they are not qualified, 10 are interested and qualified so he got 6-10 appointments that day.

Peter runs ads to generate leads. Let's assume peter launched an ad, he could get 5-20 leads depending on how much he is spending on ads. Peter doesn’t have to go out under the sun to bang on doors, he can sit on his computer or hire a professional leads generation agency to help him run an effective ad.

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The difference between John and Peter is that John (the D2D guy) goes out and tries to convince people to go solar, while Peter(The ads guy) is having homeowners come to him to learn more about solar and see if they are qualified to go solar.

If you want homeowners to come to you rather than chasing them, then you have to leverage social media ads.

2. Focus on helping homeowners solve a problem (lower their electric bill) rather than trying to sell solar or make a sale.

New solar reps go into the market and try to make money. If you start selling solar with this mindset, you will find it difficult to grow. Focus on solving problems, and the money will follow.

3. Follow up with qualified leads


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